Lawn Wants New Zealand Win No. 8

Jo Lawn, Aukland native and New Zealand Ironman champion 2003-08 and 2010, is looking to regain her crown at this weekend’s Ironman New Zealand in Taupo, March 3, 2012. Last year’s disappointing 3rd place in 9:31:54, her slowest in a decade, was due to a puncture cost her 15 minutes and left her 40 seconds to Carfrae’s 2nd place and 3:18 to Warriner’s first.  She struggled to remove the glued tyre and then the service vehicles did carry her rare 650 size rims. This year, she’s quit her 3 year experiment with the smaller rims and gone back to normal larger wheels.  After an early season win at the Port of Tauranga Half, she is ready to take on super-moms Gina Crawford (NZ) and Jessica Jacobs (USA) as well as other top athletes including Meredith Kessler (USA).  Taupo is Lawn’s hometown race and, along with fellow New Zealander Cameron Brown (10x winner – racing for his 11th win this weekend), it is going to be exciting to watch them both go for the win.  

Regardless of the outcome, Jo is scheduled to grab more KPR qualifying points and utilize her fitness with another down-under race Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship – Melbourne in a few weeks on March 25, 2012.


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