$50,000 for 1st Place in Abu Dhabi

The 3rd annual Abu Dhabi Triathlon boasts not only a tremendous $230K purse that goes 10 deep, but an incredible field of champions. First place at $50,000 is a rich start to a year where races have gotten ultra competitive and the chase for KPR points has forced many athletes to make a choice between making a living and qualifying for the Ironman brand World Championships.   Abu Dhabi is not a KPR points race, but the early season timing and payday have made the pro start list strong.

On the mens side, look for über bikers Chris Lieto (USA) and Maik Tweisiek (GER) to make a move with the longer than Ironman 200km Bike. Rasmus Henning (DEN) will be looking for redemption after a DNF at last years race due to severe cramping. Don’t discount Faris Al-Sultan (GER) who may have the home field advantage as a member of team Abu Dhabi and had a great win a few weeks ago in the Ironman Sri Lanka 70.3.

On the women’s side Caroline Steffen (SUI) is likely hungry to get back on track after Kona left her emotionally spent. Melissa Rollison (AUS) has been unstoppable at the 70.3 distance but will the extra mileage allow other bike speedsters like Leanda Cave (GBR) and Angela Neath (CAN) to put the pressure on? 

It’s anyone’s game on both sides and should be a very exciting race!


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