Chrissie Wellington to Run Paris Marathon

This Sunday, April 15th,  Chrissie Wellington, reigning Ironman World Champion, will run the Paris Marathon a part of a 3 leg adventure to the benefit of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal 10th Anniversary Challenge. While Jane was undergoing treatment she completed an Ironman, two half Ironman, and was the first terminally ill breast cancer patient to take complete the London Marathon,  as well as numerous other challenges and races. One of Jane’s motives was to show that people with a terminal prognosis can still lead an active and fruitful life.

The Paris Marathon is the first leg of the event, continuing with a 6 day bike ride to London, and ending with the London Marathon on the 21st. Don’t look for Chrissie to be breaking any records. She says, “I won’t be trying to set new personal best times. I want to complete and not compete!” She will be working and having fun with other challenging members by pacing.


4 thoughts on “Chrissie Wellington to Run Paris Marathon

  1. Did you hear about her broken toe 😦 ? Kept her out of the Paris Marathon but she will be doing all the cycling in the Jane’s Appeal challenge. Check out her Twitter timeline. She has a disgusting picture of her broken toe on there.

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