Champions and Mental Training

In Sunday’s NY Times, I read an article about Henrik (“Hank”) Lundqvist, the star NHL goalie on the Rangers. It was through grit and determination since he was a young boy in Sweden, that he committed himself to becoming the best ice hockey player around. You could say he was an underdog at first, a 205th round draft pick, but he turned his inconsistencies into focus. Methodically, he worked on his craft and on being “mentally unbreakable” which makes him one of the toughest players to hit against in the league.

Photo by Mariano KampThis is why people like Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington win Ironman. Working on your mental game is just as important as doing your swim, bike, run. Visualize yourself in all the stages of your upcoming race every night before you go to sleep. Then also visualize a sub par swim, a flat tire, a run bonk, and then visualize what you are going do to overcome that.  Develop a mantra for those tough times just like Chrissie does. See yourself crossing the finish line with your arms pumping and that’s exactly what will happen!


10 thoughts on “Champions and Mental Training

  1. Yes! I’ve found that the mental part is just as challenging as the training. 🙂 For me the biggest mental hurdle is getting over my fear of doing an open water swim. Yikes!

    1. So true! And so many feel the same about an open water swim –you are not alone. Is it your first open water race? Can you practice at the location of your race? You can always start doing breast stroke if you get nervous. 🙂 I’m going to do a post about this over the weekend–a friend sent me a really good video of tips for open water swims and perhaps that will be helpful. Elizabeth

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