Indoor Bike Workout Essentials

With a small window of time to complete a 3 hour ride in preparation for Florida 70.3, I opted for a Spinervals DVD. Many athletes, such as Andy Potts, ride indoors year-round due to the controlled environment. Trust me, it might even be harder than a ride outside!


10 thoughts on “Indoor Bike Workout Essentials

  1. I think the trainer is often more difficult than outside because you never stop / coast. The trainer is an evil necessity for me with my work schedule, but I try to make it at least somewhat enjoyable by watching a funny movie or TV show.

    1. I think you might be right about that. You can’t coast on a trainer. I have to say that spinervals kept my attention. Sometimes when watching something I’ll space out and loose my mojo but I like doing that too. Congrats on your tri! Elizabeth

  2. Do you have a recommendation for a specific indoor trainer? I prefer the outdoor training because where I’m at (northern Nevada) we have tons of monstrous hills to practice on but I feel like the indoor trainer would be a great help too.

    1. Hi Russell-
      I’m with you–I prefer to go outside except in NY when the winter is prohibitive or when it’s raining. I went to Performance Sports and just ordered a simple trainer prop that I put my bike on. It was around $125-150 and I’ve had it for a few years–they have a bunch and I don’t have a brand recommendation that would be better than another. You should also get a mat and a stand for the front wheel so it doesn’t wobble. You really don’t need anything fancier for part-time training. The spinervals dvd is really fun, but so is watching a move. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and for reading! Elizabeth

  3. I started road cycling when I decided to do triathlons 6 years ago. So my experience as a cyclist is limited. I don’t like riding in poor weather conditions such as rain, cold, or strong cross winds.

    I bought a cheap wind trainer, CycleOps, from (I’m in Perth now). To use during the winter (not extremely cold, but it rains often)

    I think I regret the choice because it is extremely noisy. I have to turn the music or TV really loud to hear anything, and it gets much worse when I hammer.

  4. I agree with riding inside in bad weather–in a race I’ll do it, but for training it’s not worth the safty risk if you can help it –especially on a long ride. I’m going to have to look at my brand—mine is not a wind trainer so it’s not that noisy, perhaps that’s the key. Good tip!

  5. Our training partners and I set up 4 trainers in their large basement in front of the TV and we have a playlist of old and new music videos, alternating fast/dancey songs and slower songs. Some of the videos are a total blast from the past (well, the 90s) and socializing while biking indoors is pretty fun. I might try a spin class or two in lieu of trainer riding soon for variety.

    1. You guys must invest in a coach Troy video–it will absolutely change the way you ride the trainer. I’m much more efficient after the Troy videos. I do spin in the winter with my friend who is an absolute lunatic teacher–so her class is a blast. :). So great that you spin with friends–sounds like a great way to hang out.

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