Long Run and Nutrition Practice

Longest run and first ice bath of the season accomplished! It’s important to practice your nutrition so that when you get to your race you have a plan that’s not only easy to execute, but doesn’t cause havoc to your system. Even though there is water and nutrition on course, I still like to wear my race belt in a 70.3 so I can make sure I’m drink enough fluid. I drink 1 small bottle with electrolyte drink every 30 minutes. If it’s hot, which it will be at the  Florida 70.3, I’ll drink more by supplementing with water on the course.  I’ll take a gel at every 45 minutes. If I start to doubt myself or feel tired, that means I need a little nutrition and then I’m fine.

Since my run was over 2 hours, I made a high calorie protein smoothie, grabbed a towel and decided to have an ice bath to reduce inflammation and try to flush out some of the lactic acid. An ice bath is really mind over matter and I find that reading a triathlon magazine helps. I did have a meal about 30 minutes after taking a post ice bath warm shower. Listen to your body throughout the rest of the day and drink water and fuel when necessary because you will continue to burn calories after a big effort.


7 thoughts on “Long Run and Nutrition Practice

    1. I ran a cold bath and dumped about 1 bag of ice (my whole ice maker portion) since it was a last minute decision. I think any coldness on your legs helps. Try not to think too much about it and jump in! I promise it’s worth the initial shock–if you distract yourself it’s not a big deal.

  1. I swear by icebaths too! I fill the tub and get in first with just cold water. Get used to that temp and then add in the ice and start the timer. I also burn candles cuz I figure looking at a flame will make me think warm thoughts. ha ha

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