Contender Maik Twelsiek at Ironman St. George

Maik Twelsiek is an Ironman Champion and German über-biker gunning for the win at Ironman St. George this weekend. Last year at St. George he was run down by Craig Alexander and held on for 2nd. With Alexander out of the mix and 7,000 feet of vertical climbing on the bike, you can bet he’s going to be at the sharp end of the bike and keep up the pressure on the run.  After two 2nd place finishes last year in Coeur d’Alene and St. George, Maik will be hungry for the win– the difficult riding on this course suits his strength. (And this is also why St. George will become a 70.3 next year.)

He was on Team Commerzbank with Normann Stadler until it disbanded late last year and is now a member of Team Abu Dhabi with Faris Al-Sultan. With his stellar biking skills and improving run and swim set, he is no doubt a contender for top 10 at Kona. He lives in Arizona with his new wife Ironman Hillary Biscay who will be racing this weekend at Ironman Austrailia in Port Macquarie, N.S.W.


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