Back on (the) Track

Three!   Finally the weather is cooperating and I’m able to get back on track for a little speed work. Even when endurance training for long distance triathlons, it’s important to interject some speed workouts to not only keep things interesting but to give you a boost in your fast twitch muscles so you’re not just slogging through those miles. The only way to learn to run faster is to actually practice running faster. I try to change up my track workout each week and I always find myself improving which makes it really fun. I have a 5k target time and this is what I use for my intervals. Since this was my first session, I walked my rest instead of ‘active’ jogging rest because I wanted to get my heart rate down. Next time I’ll be more time specific with rest I allow. I recommend using a heart rate monitor for these track sessions -it’s very important to know your heart’s workout ranges for your age/fitness. You want to be able to hold your speed for each interval and if you aren’t letting your heart rate come down, you won’t be able to hold the interval for the whole session.

Here’s the inagural track workout of the season:

Warm up from my house to the track (about 1.25 miles)

2 x 200 meters  (with 100 meters walking rest or until your HR comes down)

1 x 400 meters (repeat rest)

1 x 600 meters (repeat rest)

1 x 400 meters (repeat rest)

2 x 200 meters (repeat rest)

Warm down back to the house.

There are a variety of track workouts to do. I’d recommend starting easy, watching your heart rate and having fun with it. After a sluggish 5k in the morning, this afternoon track workout left me running home with a huge smile and feeling much faster and lighter!


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