Aussies Rule in Ironman Austrailia

Photo credit: Delly Carr/SPORTSHOOT
Photo credit: Delly Carr/SPORTSHOOT

The women’s fight on the bike between Michelle Mitchell, Hillary Biscay and Nicole Ward made for an exciting race— that is until T2.  With Biscay off the bike first, Mitchell stormed out running side by side with Ward (ahead of Biscay) and then taking command to win by nearly 10 minutes.  Ward and Biscay finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Sydney born Mitchell’s star is on the rise, in her 2nd year as a professional, as she plans towards Kona in October. We’ll see her next at Ironman Cairns on June 3rd.

Aussie Paul Ambrose stormed to the front for a convincing win over 2nd place Tim Berkel and 3rd place Jason Shortsis with Leon Griffen taking 4th, unable to overcome a bike penalty that set him back.

Biscay notes in her race report the frustration over the pace-line of age group men slotting in between the 3 women and slowing their pace, frustrating all of them. How do you feel in a race when you see cheating?


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