Strong German Contingency Racing in Malloraca 70.3

Last year the elder Raelert, Andreas, stood atop the podium at Mallorca 70.3. This year, younger broker Michael will be looking to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and erase the memories an injurious 2011. Team Abu Dhabi’s Swen Sundberg, another German, will be fighting for a podium spot along with a strong field that could make for some surprises.

Defending champion and English-woman Emma Kate Lindbury will be looking to better her time and stay on top. In addition to contenders Sophie Goos and Tine Deckers, watch for German Kristin Möller, also of Team Abu Dhabi, to mix things up and give a strong run for the podium.

The best man-made pearls in the world come from Mallorca!


4 thoughts on “Strong German Contingency Racing in Malloraca 70.3

    1. Kate – Danke für das Lesen. Team Abu Dhabi is lead and founded by German Faris Al Sultan who lives in Abu Dhabi now. Many athletes train in Mallorca along with Lazarote or Fueraventura during the winter, including the Germans, so the summertime weather probably wasn’t a stretch for many!

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