Armstrong and Jacobs Capture Florida Titles

With a race course perfectly suited to his strengths, this was Lance Armstrong’s race to lose. His only concern would be Ukranian Maxim Kriat’s foot speed if he did not amass an adequate lead off the bike. With a relatively flat course for the first 38 miles until you hit the rollers, Armstrong was able to gather up 10 minutes that he maintained to the finish. Kriat was never in jeopardy for 2nd and Spain’s Francesc Godoy nabbed third.

The women’s race was another story with Amanda Stevens smoking the swim and holding the lead through the bike and T2. Jessica Jacobs, who admitted a 2nd baby is in her future along with more podium spots, ran her way up from over 7 minutes behind to take first. Stevens held on for third with Jennifer Tetrick grabbing second and Nina Kraft just 24 seconds behind in 4th.

At the pro panel on Saturday, Armstrong spoke about trying to figure out his nutrition issues.  That evening at 6pm, my friend and I were surprised to see what he ate as we sat right next to him and his entourage at Arabella’s Restaurant in Winter Haven for our pre-race dinner. Armstrong scarfed down his food along with some Tignanello, one of my favorite wines, and a beer. How do you feel about drinking the night before a race?  Does it relax you or is dehydration a concern?


4 thoughts on “Armstrong and Jacobs Capture Florida Titles

  1. This was a first before a race but actually had sake at dinner! wasn’t really concerned with dehydration even though it turned out to be ridiculously hot.

    1. I love sake–and don’t think it counts–it’s just another form of rice. 🙂 I think if you don’t over imbibe it’s probably fine. It was crazy hot on the first mile of that run—where was the water!

      1. The water was a reward for making it up those two hills ! and the lady with the hose on those hills was a lifesaver. Was not expecting that kind of heat.

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