Hydration Systems

Having a good hydration system is so important, particularly in a long endurance event. I invested in the Speedfil and found that it keeps me drinking and keeps my hands on my handle bars except when refilling.  The aero system is another great method that I’ve used which keeps the bottle in between your handle bars with a straw.  Once again, you don’t have to take your hands off.  For the inexperienced rider this is essential, especially during a race when you might not feel stable enough to reach for your drink. For the more experienced rider, having a good convenient fuel system means less chance of dehydration, although safety still can be an issue if you have a lot of hills. In the Florida 70.3, the 2nd half of the bike was hilly with bumpy graded roads and there were a lot of water bottles on the ground. Make sure you secure your hydration. The aero bottle up front is a less expensive option and worth it. You can actually secure it with 2 large black rubber bands you can get from your bike shop rather than buying something fancy. Happy hydrating!


2 thoughts on “Hydration Systems

  1. I have recently started with an aero system and I love it. I actually can’t live without it anymore. But your system looks even better. I’ll try that when I get your category of bike 😉

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