Gluten-Free Shrimp Pizza

There is a lot to love about pizza –it’s tasty, it’s simple and it can be a great go to meal. We’ve been instrumental in getting our local pizza places to carry gluten-free crust. If they are smart business-people, they will listen to you too. But sometimes, I like to make my own.

I’ve experimented with different crusts and found that this one from Chebe to be quick, tasty and a great texture– firm and crisp enough to pick the slice up. You don’t need to let this crust rise, just add the eggs and milk, mix by hand, poke with a fork and cook prior to putting on toppings.

For my pizza above, we sauteed shrimp (a great protein with Omega-3s) with a little garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. We had homemade pesto for the base, then vegan mozzarella cheese, and then the shrimp on top.  I gave it a broil blast for the last minute or two to get it nice and crisp. Served with my favorite Kale salad recipe using fresh farmer’s market spinach.  Enjoy!


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