Macca & Raelert Testing Europe

Michael Raelert (2x Ironman 70.3 Champion)will be towing the line in his first Ironman in Regensburg, Germany this weekend, the race his brother Andreas won last year. Andreas thinks little brother Michael is the better athlete. Can he keep up the family tradition in winning style?

Chris McCormack will race the UK 70.3 this weekend and will should be able truly test out of all his ITU racing speed. His last race in Cairns was simply validating his slot, but this last-minute race is to race– so long as his passport comes through in time. With a lot of talent on the men’s side, it will be a great gauge to see where Macca will fair before heading to Japan for another 70.3.


7 thoughts on “Macca & Raelert Testing Europe

  1. Oh I really hope that Michael and Andy stay healthy and successful enough this year to be racing each other in Kona. I would actually stay up all night to see this. The only time they’ll actually race each other.

    Michael, however, announced that he won’t be hitting it hard in Regensburg. He will race for charity and he says as long as he crosses the finish line, that’s a success. He just wants to raise a lot of money. Hopefully, he’ll be able to hand over a nice check to the children’s charity he is racing for.

    1. Ah, I hadn’t heard that. I wonder if Michael will get enough points to qualify for Kona then? But what a great way to raise money for a cause–Andreas did that last year. They seem like good guys. 🙂

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