You Don’t Stop!

You can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop!  Beastie Boys

I’ll admit it—I get pumped up on the track even without listening to the Beasties. I love my track workout and just have so much fun pushing myself. If you want to get faster, you need to do some track or speed workouts to challenge your pace.   I try to mix it up but this past time I did:

Warm-up: 10 minutes to track

8 x 400 with active rest

Warm-down:  10 minutes home

I’m training for an 8 minute pace per mile so my target was 1:50 for the 400 with 1:30 active rest.  Over the past few weeks I’ve built up from 5×400 and think 8×400 will be my maximum for this particular workout as I’m just looking for about a 5 mile total workout.

Note: 4 laps of the 400 track is just shy of 1 mile so get your target pace and divide by 4 and this will give you an approximate target. Then of course, you need to get your heart rate down so you can maintain your pace because it will get harder by the end.

Two weeks ago I saw an older man on the track walking and looking at his watch, very much the same thing that I was doing while running. When I went to leave I said good-bye and mentioned how fun the track was. He agreed and then told me that a month ago he could barely get around twice without stopping but he’s been coming a lot and now he goes for 2 miles. Persistence and patience always pays off so go play at the track!


12 thoughts on “You Don’t Stop!

    1. I heartily congratulated him—he’s accomplished something so big and I could really see his joy. He made me feel incredibly fortunate and inspired and I ran home with an even bigger grin. 🙂

  1. That’s adorable that you bumped into the old chap building up his walks and experiencing genuine progress. Wow. I get so stoked for people when they discover something that gets them out and active.

    1. No problem! And you can totally do a workout this without a track–use time instead. Try a 10 minute warm-up, then go 30 seconds hard – walk 30 seconds 5 times, then do 10 minutes of warm-down. Gets your legs/body used to going a bit faster. Try that and let me know and I can give you more if you like it. 🙂

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