Farmer’s Market Fun

Part of the fun of the Farmer’s Market is trying new veggies and learning what to do with them. A few years ago I tried Kohlrabi, but I have yet to find a recipe that really makes me swoon over it.  (If anyone has one please post!)

This past weekend I saw a spinach-like green that people seemed to be skipping over amongst the other bags of fresh petal mesclun mix, arugula and spinach. I asked what this Tatsoi tasted like and the guys told me, “exactly like spinach.” I was open to give it a shot. I decided to throw some in my morning smoothie, but before I did, I wanted to taste it. It’s got a nice crunch and the taste is mild, more like a mix between watercress or baby bok choy and spinach. In fact, I found out that it is “the ground-hugging member of the bok choy family.”

I liked it in the smoothie for the taste as well as the nutrients: beta-carotene, Vitamins A, C, and K along with good amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iron.  I have more left for a salad and will investigate ways of cooking or otherwise utilizing it. And yes, I’d buy it again!


5 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Fun

  1. Ha, how lucky you have a German reader. Kohlrabi is so popular at home. 🙂
    First and foremost, you would eat Kohlrabi raw. Like an apple. Only you peel it, of course. I find it so refreshing on a hot day.
    You can make soups of all variations with it. Sweet, spicy, you name it there’s a recipe.
    You can steam it or fry it and add loads of herbs or you can go all out and cook it in (soya) cream. I love it as a side for fish. Unfortunately, the only place where I can get Kohlrabi here in Ireland is at the market from a German wholefoods farmer who will charge me an arm and a leg for it when in Germany it costs a few cents. So for me, it curretly is a rare delicacy which I prefer to eat raw.

    1. Ah thanks! Perhaps I’ve been trying to cook it wrong and not enjoying it the way it should be enjoyed. A soup sounds like a great idea–I’ll have to investigate. Wonder if it would go nicely to add more crunch in a gurken und tomaten salat? What a shame it’s expenseive in Ireland since it sounds like a favorite!

      1. Oh, you can grate it or chop it and add to a salad. That’s definitely a winner. The problem with Kohlrabi is that it has this very fine sweet cabbagey flavor that is sort of lost when you cook it. So you have to add herbs and spices to make up for that. But the thought of a spicy Kohlrabi soup is really nice. Oh and of course the creamed version. Luv it!

    1. I love a simple but tasty salad idea. I wouldn’t have thought of adding capers–what a great idea. Thanks for this Donna–will have to grab a frew kohlrabi at the Farmer’s Market this wkend!

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