Xena Headlines Frankfurt

As the leader in KPR points, this is what Caroline Steffen (AKA “Xena”) is saying as she heads to Frankfurt this weekend, “Many of the ladies I will face again in Kona this year so this is a great opportunity to see where I am at right now.  I’m in the lucky position and can say, I just race for the  glory as I don’t need points to qualify for Kona.” Someone like Heather Wurtele, a late entry after her disappointing DQ in Coeur d’Alene, who needs some redemption along with a finish (perhaps a win) to stamp her qualification for Kona could give Steffen a big challenge on the bike.

Steffen will surely show great form this weekend as she continues her prep for Kona where she is a serious threat for the win. She says that having her family cheering makes her the most nervous, rather than the thought of winning the European Championships.  A win isn’t a sure thing with lots of tough women looking to challenge for the win, along with those looking to booster shot their ranking with the KPR points-rich race. With rain threatening for Sunday, we may get to see a very challenging race especially on the bike.


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