Extreme Heat = Shortened Race in Muncie

Extreme heat in Muncie, Indiana causes race officials to shorten the 70.3 to a 1 mile swim, 30 mile bike and a 10K run. Speeders Greg Bennett and Kelly Williamson used their skills on the run to come out on top. Williamson was neck and neck with Jodie Swallow on the bike but then used her quick feet to take the win by just over 4 minutes with a race best run for the women. Mirinda Carfrae ran out of real estate and finished 3rd with Jo Lawn 3 minutes behind for 4th.  Bennett nabs his race on the run (before heading to London to watch wife Laura compete in the Olympics), finishing just over a minute faster than fellow former ITU racer Josh Amburger (AUS).  43 year-old pro Joe Umphenour (USA) finished third.

As consolation for the shortened distance, racers are able to get a $125 discount for Steelhead, Timberman, Branson or Austin.


2 thoughts on “Extreme Heat = Shortened Race in Muncie

  1. Wow, I had no idea there was an Ironman in Muncie — that’s less than an hour from here, but I haven’t seen any coverage on it at all in the local media…. I can sure vouch for that heat, though.

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