On the Comeback Trail

From Ironman.com
Photo from Ironman.com

The Rhode Island 70.3 saw Ironman champion Cait Snow (and American hopeful for Kona) take first place in classic speedster style on the run.  The comeback story of the day was that the leader of the race until the later stages of the run was Dede Griesbauer. After her rainy cobblestone crash on the bike in Germany last summer, she was crushed both literally and mentally. Would this 40 year-old Ironman champion be able to come back from such debilitating injuries? Always in good humor, Griesbauer changed things up by joining Siri Lindley’s group and steering away from longtime friend and coach Karen Smyers. She trained this winter in prep for Ironman Melbourne, then never made it to the start line due to a stress fracture in her back. Once again, the thought of retirement loomed, but Dede pushed forward. Making to the start line in Rhode Island after some good blocks of training with Team Selts was a start. She lead out of the swim. She lead on the bike, coming in to T2 first. Yes, she was back! She’d tell you that she still has some work to do on the run and was passed by better athlete’s that day but not by much and in the final miles.  In the end, Annie Gervais finished only 28 seconds ahead of Dee Dee for 2nd and Mirianda Tomenson-Bharadwaj nabbed third in the final kilometer by just 8 seconds. I think in this case, 4th place can be considered a win. Welcome back Dede!


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