Turmeric Smoothies & 5Ks

Today is the Lake Placid Ironman so I thought for my 5K race, I’d wear the visor (given to me by a friend since I haven’t raced Placid) in honor of the race and also to make me remember to go hard. Whatever you’re training for, 5K and 10K races are a great opportunity to test your fitness, practice race strategy and generally have a great hard tempo run. It’s also the one time I treat myself to running with an ipod, which is fun. The reason why I don’t usually use an ipod is not only because it’s not allowed in triathlons but because with drivers texting and people not paying attention, it’s just safer and you get in better touch with your actually pace, heart rate and breathing. In my 5k, I had fun with strategy and trying to stay or catch certain people and then I pushed the final mile and made sure no one passed me at the line. It’s mid-season and I’m happy with my pace, knowing there is still time to improve through August.

Post-race was smoothie time and my husband asked me to please do a “normal” smoothie with no kale, spinach, beets or other things. (The other day I made a smoothie and used too much avocado and it was terrible!) But I couldn’t resist using a little turmeric for recovery especially since every week my search terms indicate that people are looking for smoothies with turmeric, which surprises me.  This is my standard blueberry protein smoothie minus the Kale and with 1 tablespoon of turmeric and also 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. I’ve found, when you use blueberries, this often overpowers the flavor so no, he didn’t notice that this wasn’t totally “normal” only that it was delicious.  Enjoy and register for some of your local 5k’s!


4 thoughts on “Turmeric Smoothies & 5Ks

    1. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference but then again, I think it’s still a bit of an experiement with the turmeric. In cooking I use it often–the crazy smoothie is just a bit of fun. Chia seeds are so great aren’t they? I eat chia pudding for breakfast once a week—and I actually have noticed a difference. I ate it before a day of meetings and I felt noticeable more hydrated (usually I’m chugging water after evey meeting). So that confirmed for me that they really do work.

    1. I used a whole avocado, which was a mistake—it whipped up so the texture was really weird and sort of foamy. Maybe 1/2 an avocado would have been better. Baby beets on the other hand–they add a lovely sweetness if you add 1 or 2. 🙂

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