From Zero to Hero

I hope you are as inspired as I was when I read about 9 year old Colleen who proved to herself (and to everyone) that if you put your head down and persevere, you are a winner— no one can stop you! I think Colleen is awesome!


Lately I’ve been thinking how inspiration runs in all directions, rather than simply trickling down from the elite athletes of the world.

Just this week I got motivated to tackle intervals by emulating a friend who’s a complete beginner. I figure if he can work bursts of jogging into his walks, surely I can fit a little speed work into my jogging.

On Saturday I accompanied Colleen to the Iron Kid Triathlon in Bluffton without any expectations whatsoever. At 9, she struggles with a pretty serious weight problem, so it was kind of amazing she wanted to try it at all.

She completed her 50-yard swim, got out of the transition area without a glitch and peddled off onto the bike course, a 1.17 mile route through nearby blocked-off streets. We walked over to the 4-H Park to wait until she returned for the .65 mile run.
We waited. And…

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