The Butterfly Effect – Uncle Michael

The Japanese believe that a butterfly is the soul of a person. In the 1600’s the Irish prohibited the killing of white butterflies because they were believed to be the souls of dead children. The past few days, I’ve been experiencing a lot of butterflies and I’m very sure that they are a message from my Uncle Michael.

Uncle Michael loved to wear my race t-shirts while doing his daily Nordic track workouts before he got brain cancer in March. I didn’t need all those shirts and he loved them, so I always ordered Large and then mailed them to him so often that the guy at the post office wouldn’t ask me if the package was dangerous, only if my uncle was getting a new shirt.

I ask, in my Uncle Michael’s honor, that if you do a lot of races like me, that next time you order a large and then donate it. If you don’t have a place to donate it to, just send it to a local church or shelter and write “In Uncle Michael’s Memory” with the address – he was a Jesuit priest and his mission was the Hispanic community of Greater New York. Perhaps it will inspire someone to fitness or merely give them a new shirt to enjoy. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!



9 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect – Uncle Michael

  1. Your Uncle lived his life in such a way that he will live forever within the lives of those he touched. He is the epitome of the Butterfly Effect…he has shed the cocoon and now he can fly in all his glory.

  2. I always remember you telling me about the butterflies after your mom passed away. I never see a butterfly without thinking of someone I cared about who has passed recently. I agree, a lovely way to remember your uncle. I’ll do that with shirts, they never fit me whatever size!!! Love, Wendy

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