Summertime Saladtime

I love a fresh garden salad in the summer and love when Sang Lee Farms has squash blossoms at the Farmer’s Market. I don’t like a heavy egg batter so I’ve made my own simple version that seems to work quite well. The polenta blossoms are not only gluten-free and tasty, but add a lovely texture to the salad which is already a nice mix of arugula, mesclun, radishes, beets, a nectarine and some farm fresh herbed goat cheese (optional) also from the market.  I do like adding one chopped piece of fruit to a salad because it will often curb my desire to have something sweet for dessert. In hindsight, I would have added some nuts to the salad to give it a bit more protein, but I did have some nuts in my leftover rice pasta with spinach and pecans. I would not eat this meal before a race, although generally I love eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

To make the squash blossoms: take 1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill Corn Grits-Polenta and season with salt and pepper. Wash and then soak the squash blossoms in rice milk and then roll in the polenta mix, using a spoon to make sure they are entirely covered. Use a non-stick pan with olive oil to saute until lightly browned. For your next batch, you may use additional fresh seasoned polenta  because  once the polenta gets wet, it will no longer stick to the blossom. Although the blossoms themselves have very little nutritional value, they are fun to eat and the polenta adds a bit a protein. Enjoy the lovely crunch texture with the savory blossom!


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