Embrace Defeat and Conquer

Photo by Jeff Kavanaugh/Sports Illustrated

I don’t know if I had success if it would have been the same, if I would have pushed as hard. Now, I’m able to say I embrace that journey. I embrace the defeats because it pushed me.

Allyson Felix – Olympian – 2012 Gold Medal 200m


6 thoughts on “Embrace Defeat and Conquer

  1. Sometimes when success comes too easily we take it for granted, and forget how hard the struggle really can be, making us more likely to give up when the going gets tough. Feliz faced adversity all the way through and made it count. Awesome!

  2. I love that Allyson says, “I embrace the defeats.” There’s no real success without failure, but I’d never thought to embrace defeat, to own it. That way, there’s no fear.

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