KPR Points and Big Money

Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry last week

This weekend is part money and part scramble to obtain the extra KPR points needed to get to the start line at Kona with only 5 woman and 10 men spots left.  New York City will be experiencing Ironman for the first time, and this US Championship race sports a purse of $125,000 and tops out at 4,000 KPR points for 1st place. In fact, if you finish 10th, you still get 1600 points. At Ironman St. George, the top position only received 1000 and at New Zealand a paltry 2000.  So you can see why many top pros are coming to the Big Apple.

With an extensive start list, here are a few I know felt short and are definately looking to secure Kona spots: Bek Keat, Amy Marsh, Hillary Biscay and her husband Maik Tweilsiek, Mathias Hecht, Christie Sym, the Nishiuchi’s and also Jordan Rapp. Michael Lovato and Mary Beth Ellis have already secured Kona slots but will be prepping for Kona and perhaps a big payday.  Dede Griesbauer is doing her first Ironman of the year in her impressive return from last year’s crash. It’s going to be exciting and perhaps next year I’ll head in to do support!

On Sunday the European 70.3 Championship is in Wiesbaden, Germany and will be sure to bring out a solid group of professionals with a $75,000 purse and 1500 KPR points.


2 thoughts on “KPR Points and Big Money

    1. Seems like NYC always has this issue but it’s cleaned up and the swim is a go. If they make it a duathlon, as happened in New Zealand, same points and cash—just a shorter race. I hope you have a great time at Timberman next weekend!

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