Typical August Day in NYC plus an Ironman

Photo from http://www.teamtbb.com

Amy March (3rd) says she’s not going to be running hills and stairs for a while (there was almost 4000 feet of climbing on the bike course alone).  Dede Griesbauer (1st woman out on the swim) called her run a bulimic death march.  Hillary Biscay (15th) said NYC “was not an experience that I care to repeat anytime soon.”  Second place Bek Keat who nipped Marsh during the last miles called it the “hardest IM run ever!”  But winner Mary Beth Ellis stated “It was a tough course and the weather made it even tougher. . .  This race is just one of the building blocks on our path to Kona, and the win shows that we are on the right track for a peak come October.” Be sure that Ellis will be better rested this year when she vies for the Kona crown. Note that the top 3 woman all come from the tutelage of Coach Brett Sutton, Ellis is only current member of his Team TBB.

The men’s race was another story, Jordan Rapp (IM Texas and now NYC winner) took the lead with 20 miles to go on the bike and then cut through the heat and humidity to take the win and also be the only one to go under three hours, finishing an astounding 13 minutes over Maxim Kriat and a few more over Josef Major.  Trevor Wurtele eked out 4th and will now join wife Heather in Kona.

For every triumph in NYC, there are the disappointments. Mathias Hecht had a DNF which guarantees he will not be making it to Kona, nor will his former teammate Maik Twelsiek with his 15th placing. Christie Sym (who helped Heather Wurtele with a bike loan in her last Ironman) crashed coming in to T2 and had to DNF on the run with a separated shoulder.  And then there is the tragedy of the 43-year-old Andy Naylor, Hong Kong special forces, who died during the swim portion of the race.

And just today the WTC is suspending registration to the event for next year due to complex logistics and complexities surrounding the race until further review


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