Tomatoes and Summertime

It wouldn’t be summertime without tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden and what goes better with them then buffalo mozzarella. If you haven’t tried bufala, you are in for a treat.  It’s much smoother and creamier than a regular mozzarella.  In fact, I would use nothing else for my spin on Insalata Caprese. You can buy it at an Italian shop, the farmer’s market or even your local Costco, which I was lucky enough to find. You must salt and pepper both the cheese and the tomatoes after you slice them. The cheese is unsalted and not doing so will not bring out all the flavors. The cheese comes from water buffalos, who are able to turn low-grade vegetation into rich milk which ends up providing a  higher level of protein, fat and minerals than cow milk. I find I digest other milks better than a pure cow milk so I might eat this along with a small piece of lean protein prior to a race, although mostly I try to avoid dairy.

I put my salad on top of some spinach greens, which I tossed with a high quality balsamic and my lavender olive oil.  I grew this wonderfully sweet little basil this year which went really nicely. If you have regular basil, chop and sprinkle over the salad. Finish with a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper.


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