Perfect Weather at Timberman

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It was a perfect weather day in mid-70s at Timberman.  Although there some chop in the water as the triathletes swam far out to the first buoy, it was otherwise uneventful and produced average swim times. For the women, Cait Snow lead the swim but once of the bike, it was Heather Wurtele who charged ahead with the highest average speed (in the 24mph range) with Linsey Corbin riding fast and also close behind to take second. Although Wurtele held on for the win, it was Snow’s race fastest run that clinched second passing Corbin toward the end and running out of real estate to finish 2nd by just 13 seconds.  Interestingly, the winning time was over 10 minutes slower than Chrissie Wellington’s race record from 2010, which was on a rainy course, although only rainy on the run for the pros as the rain started to pelt me about 1/2 way through the ride.

On the men’s side, it was no surprise that Leon Griffin and Joe Gambles charged to the front almost immediately after the swim and hammered on the bike. The hills keep this course honest and the hills in the second half of the bike make the final split a bit slower. Griffin’s race-best run of  1:13:31 nabbed him the win.  Kevin Collington came in over 10 minutes later in third.

My friend Fran had her day cut short at mile 46 on the bike that ended with a trip on the ambulance and 8 stiches in her knee. She was coming around one of the last turns for the final hills of the bike (Quite cruel really because you think the hills are over at this point, but they are not!) when her wheel went out and she went down hard. She was ready to get back on her bike but the volunteers came over and called the ambulance. She hadn’t noticed that she was bleeding; she must have hit something sharp and it sliced her knee open. It was too great an injury to continue and of course a real disappointment because it would be her 1st official DNF.  Thank goodness it was nothing more serious. How many of you have had a major mishap in a race and how did you deal with it?


2 thoughts on “Perfect Weather at Timberman

  1. Oh man, that’s rough for your friend. Thankfully she didn’t get more hurt, but that still sucks. Hopefully she’s back at it soon!
    And yay for Heather! She’s been doing so well this year!

    1. Thanks–she feels banged up but fine, she says mostly her ego is bruised because she hated not being able to finish.

      Yes, Heather will definately be a player at Kona–it’s going to be particularly exciting on the women’s side. 🙂

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