Wheat Grass Smoothies and Accupunture

I’m into a lot of healthy things, but oddly, I’d never caught on to any wheat grass craze over the years. It’s not that I was opposed to it, and as you may have guessed, I love juice bars and smoothies. But it wasn’t until my acupuncturist suggested a cleansing juice for three mornings consisting of wheat grass, kale, celery and dandelion greens.  In the afternoon, I was to eat an entire cantaloupe. He told me the juice might be bitter, but for me, the entire cantaloupe was the most difficult part. In fact, I enjoyed the juicing part a lot since, except for the bitter dandelion greens, I love the other veggies. And I did like the cleansing property of the juice. Note, it wasn’t a juice fast, only to start the day with the juice and eat as I normally do. I saved the torture of eating the entire cantaloupe for an afternoon snack, as I found it exhausting to stuff the whole thing down!

I wasn’t able to find fresh wheat grass, but did find these frozen cubes which I’ll be using as part of my smoothies.  In some of my reading, its says that wheat grass is good for endurance athletes, cancer patients and general healing of the body.  For the asthmatic or endurance athlete, its said to increase the iron content in the blood, which increases haemoglobin so that the lungs function better. Worst case, with very little side effects, it does nothing.

For me, as an asthmatic, I am willing to try just about anything natural so that I can control my asthma without medication.  Over the years, I found that by exercising and tweaking my diet, I’m able to control my asthma with very little use of a rescue inhaler. I also found NAET treatment to be very effective in eliminating my allergies. And lately, since I had a little asthma trouble during this past winter, I’m utilizing a wonderful acupuncturist who uses the needles, body work, aroma therapy and particular food requests like this juice and a black sesame tea. I’m happy to say that my asthma has little to no effect on my training and I’m confident that the training plays a very important role in controlling it, which is always great inspiration to continue!


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