Post Workout Tofu Smoothie

After a 9 mile monster run, I wanted to have a favorite smoothie. Battling with the last bits of a head cold (mostly left out on the run course!), I didn’t want to have any dairy.  If I can use tofu and blend to make pudding, why not try to add some to the smoothie to give it a bit of creamyness along with the protein I need post-run. I also decided to use coconut water instead of rice milk for a change and also for the wonderful potassium and electrolytes. I was able to get a case of coconut water at Costco which makes it reasonable to use like this. If I’d had to pay $6 for this container, I don’t think I would do it because it doesn’t make that much difference in taste.

2 wheat grass cubes

1/4 package (or 1 serving) of tofu (I only had firm, but would have use the softer variety if available)

1/2-1 cup fresh frozen blueberries (never throw any fruit away–just freeze it in small baggies if you can’t finish it all before it goes bad)

1 tablespoon Hemp protein

1 tablespoon VEGA protein powder

1- 1/2 cups coconut water

Blend until smooth and enjoy right away!  My husband said he preferred when I used the Almond VEGA protein powder becuase it gives you a differnt taste to the overpowering (but delicious) blueberry, but do whatever taste you enjoy.


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