Raelert Wins in Austria, Building Toward Kona

In the perfect build toward Kona, Andreas Raelert clocked a solid win over Timo Bracht to win Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl half distance race in Austria this past weekend.  Nils Frommhold took a notable third over Ronnie Schildknecht. Andreas, a calculated risk taker, made a breakaway on the bike and followed up with the fastest run. It seems he is in the perfect build to peak at Kona and will definitely be a contender in Kona. While Michael heads to Vegas for the 70.3 World Championship race this weekend, Andi heads to Switzerland to recover and prepare for Kona.

On the women’s side, Gina Crawford won this  in race record-style over Mary Beth Ellis who said, “After Ironman NYC, my training was going well but a combination of jet lag and fatigue left me feeling flat on race day. Combined with the flat day, I wasted time putting on clothes in T1 and took a wrong turn on the bike both may have cost me the win.  I was on the back foot and had to settle for 2nd place to Gina Crawford who had a great day.  I am gearing up for Kona in Leysin and eager to back to some hard training.”   Kaisa Lehtonen of Finland took third.



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