Surfing As Cross-Training

After the surf trip adventure and a red-eye back to the East coast, I’ve been trying to catch up.  I’m feeling most improved after 5 days of surfing in La Jolla and looking forward to doing it again. Carolyn and I took a private lesson our first day, then we took pictures of her group while they were having their lesson.  After we’d go back out and try to catch our own waves. It was fun being “the assistant” and a nice change of pace from regular life. I also got asked to go on a 90 minute run with an ultra-runner and an aspiring Olympic marathoner–have to say it was a little bit intimidating but thank goodness a recovery run for the 2:40 marathoner.   What an interesting and inspiring  bunch of women we had in our group from New Mexico!


4 thoughts on “Surfing As Cross-Training

    1. I did wear a sleeveless long wetsuit because we were out for longer. Hover, swam and did one 1hr session without since I thought it was comfortable, not warm but comfortable with movement. It was a blast–I’d highly recommend Surf Diva!

    1. It was such a blast! The group of women that came along were amazing–I loved taking pictures and helping them. Of course–I was inspired by many of them too. If you ever get the opportunity–try surfing! 🙂

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