New 70.3 Champions in Vegas

Watch winner Sebastian Kienle pass people on the bike like a rocket in the above video where you can actually see him pushing hard. This strategy didn’t blow him up and he powered through to a race course record with last years’ champion Craig Alexander running hard for a respectable second place with Bevan Docherty taking third and the Americans Tim O’Donnell and Andy Potts taking 4th and 5th respectively. With the 2nd year of pre-Kona timing for this championship race, we saw a lot of Kona contenders at the sharp end of the race. This is not only a KRP point and money race, but a final prep for Kona.

For the women, a wonderfully surprised Leanda Cave added another title to her stellar race resume and now all that is left for her to conquer is the Kona crown. She also managed to win this race by out-biking the former hockey player Heather Jackson who had to settle for third. Kelly Williamson took 2nd, using her speedy run after a bike leg that is finally starting to come in par with the other contenders. Last year’s winner Melissa Hauschildt took 4th and steady performer Jo Lawn, who is having a fantastic year, took 5th (less than 1 minute over Heather Wurtele) and is in excellent form for Kona. Linsey Corbin had to drop out at mile 6 on the bike due to her Vegas-style gamble of not bringing the equipment to fix her flat and in waiting over 10 minutes for support, decided to call it a day. Mirinda Carfrae had surprising nutrition issues and did not finish. The heat of the day got to many of the top athletes we’ll be seeing in less than a month in Kona.

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