Olympic Gold – Part 2

Photo from www.teamtbb.com
Photo from http://www.teamtbb.com

Not only is it surprising that Doc came to London, but that he didn’t have clearance to watch the race for the Swiss and had to hole up at a betting bar (which sounded like loads of fun actually and apropos since some say he runs his athletes like race horses!) It must be both exciting and frustrating as a coach to watch all the hard work you’ve done culminate into a strategy that was unplanned and ended in a photo finish with Lisa Norden. But what’s fascinating, in addition to seeing the way this mastermind coach works, is to see how Spirig grew as a person and athlete throughout the process. Will she enjoy Olympic success and hang up her medal or will she cross over to 70.3 and Ironman racing? Sutton also predicts Chrissie Wellington will no longer race Ironman after her sabbatical year. What do you think about this coach of champions?

Do read Anatomy of Olympic Gold -Part 2 by Timothy Carlson to get Sutton’s perspective on how this Olympic event unfolded.

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