Northeast Racing and Hot Hands


This weekend is the last local triathlon of the season and truly the farewell to summertime. It’s already starting to get dark when I get home and the indoor bike trainer is beckoning. I got a little too busy toward the end of the summer and my original plan of doing the sprint and the 1/2 Ironman over the weekend got shortened to the sprint only. This is not a disappointment—in fact, I LOVE this sprint because it’s in Montauk and the 5k loop around Fort Pond is where I have clocked my fastest 5k split ever–and it was in last year’s triathlon where  I placed for the first time in my age group—EVER! So yes, this is a special race for me. The half is pretty awesome as well and with hitting Murder Hill 2x on the run (yes, they really call it Murder Hill) it’s pretty darn challenging and the view atop the hill is nothing short of spectacular.

Tuesday morning I went out on a practice ride not only to train with speed, but to see just how freaking cold I’d be on Saturday. In order to place, I do not put on extra clothes in transition like everyone else so I needed to see how long it would take (in my fleece top and long fleece bike pants) to warm up. It took about 10 minutes and I figure this will be a bit shorter since I’ll be warm from the swim (the water will feel like a warm blanket!). However, my digits were pretty numb along with my feet so this reminded me to do my Hot Hands remedy. I’ll tape them to my aero bars to give my hands (and my mental state) a little relief. I’ll also put my toe warmers (not booties!) over my bike shoes to give my feet a little chance of warming up before the last mile of the 5k. I’m also telling myself to just bike faster so I can retain that 3rd place crown (or maybe higher)!


7 thoughts on “Northeast Racing and Hot Hands

  1. Never thought of the hand warmers and every little bit of mental support helps. On an early morning ride the other day they would have been a very nice addition here in Iowa. Good luck on your upcoming race.

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