One, Two, Three, Four: Pressure!

Do follow this link if it won’t post here because it’s a great series for the Kona lead up. It’s always fun to see how the pros deal with the pressures of racing, family and work. Having been a lawyer who used to think panic attacks were something everyone experienced, I can attest to the fact that there are many other jobs (in addition to professional triathlete!) that are far less stressful!  In fact, isn’t triathlon supposed to help with stress?  Lately I’ve found my seven mile sweet spot.  How many miles do you run to try to achieve that sweet spot or runner’s high?


2 thoughts on “One, Two, Three, Four: Pressure!

  1. I would be interested if the “pressure” started when triathlons became a job or when turning pro. To know that your next performace was a basis for supporting a family or paying the bills would definitely add some stress and pressure on my next training session. I think for now I’ll stick to it as a hobby, personal endeavor, and stress reliever and keep my day job (as if that was a choice :-).

    5 miles for me…

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