Savory and Simple Bean Dinner

Beans can be such a wonderful and simple savory meal.  They are not only low in fat and cholesterol, but are a great source of protein. This was a meal prepared in less than 30 minutes.  After sauteing an onion and garlic with a little olive oil, I added 2 cans of beans along with a can of organic chopped tomatoes. I used organic red kidney and garbanzo beans, but you could use whatever you like, although choosing 2 different colors/types to keep it interesting and flavorful. For seasoning, I added a heaping tablespoon of canned fresh chopped New Mexico green chili (yup, it’s that time of year and so good for you with vitamin C!), some New Mexico green chili powder, some regular chili powder and a dash of cinnamon. I also used some fresh oregano from my garden and of course salt and pepper to taste.  To make it fresher, I also chopped 2 fresh tomatoes and added them at the last minute so that they’d retain their form and add more texture to the dish. To finish the plate, I heated a pack of quinoa and rice (easy and tasty) and made a quick arugula salad with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  The result was a really easy and very satisfying meal that tasted even better for lunch the next day!


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