Montauk Triathlon Weekend

Sometimes when you’re racing you forget about the view because of the focus it takes to get up enough speed, watch out for road hazards and avoid other bikers. As you read this, I’ll be out in Montauk racing the Mighty Man weekend. But last Saturday I was making sure I enjoyed the view.  This lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and put on the National Historic registry this year.  The statue you see in the background was something I only looked at a few weeks ago—it’s a tribute to all the fishermen lost at sea. I only knew one name from a lost boat a long time ago, but was a big tragedy in our local community when the boat went down, the men never to be recovered. Not that Montauk is a somber place, but when you deal with the ocean you must have respect, she’s unpredictable and sometimes unruly.

Except for a little possible chop, swimming in Fort Pond below will be a dream. The water will be warmer than the air.  And although my friend’s husband (a Montauk commercial fisherman — a pinhooker) tries to freak us out about what’s in the pond, it’s too dark to see anything and I like it that way! But mostly, when I do my thing out in Montauk, or anywhere, I feel very lucky and grateful that my body can do such things. Truly, there can never be a bad race, we are very lucky that we can race at all.


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