Facing Your Fears: Ironman

I’m going to have to agree with contender Meredith Kessler here, I consider myself a pretty tough gal, but I get completely creeped out by the water. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely love open water swimming, but I do not like having my feet touch the bottom and I work to ignore all the creepy things that may brush against me. And of course, I always get stung by jelly fish –in the face–and that freaks me out too but thankfully the sting goes away quickly.

When I was surfing in La Jolla last month, there were tons of Leopard sharks. Sure I heard they were harmless vegetarians, but when you’re coming down on a wave and you see tons of these 2-3ft long sharks swimming around the last thing you want to do is wipe out! And when we all went swimming at night under the beautiful star lit sky, I tried very hard not to think about sharks because of course I know bigger sharks feed in the evening.  I know it sounds silly for a girl who lives by the beach and loves the water, but I know I’m conquering my fears every time I jump in!

Do you readers have any silly or valid fears that you’ve conquered or are trying to conquer?


13 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears: Ironman

  1. Fitness… I am trying to conquer my fear of returning to the couch and a sedentary life style. 🙂 Otherwise the whole triathlon and bike century events would be huge things for me to conquer over all.

  2. Sharks can’t swim in the ice (as far as I know), so as a figure skater I don’t usually worry about them. Thank you, God, for that! But I deal with fear all the time. The ice is slippery; our blades are sharp. I deal by being hyper alert and relentlessly technical.

  3. I hear you!!!! Did my first ocean swimming this fall…all I could think about was the sea is teaming with critters…..that could eat me….although my husband said, they rarely come this far north (New Hampshire), but Great Whites have been sighted off Cape Cod…too close for my comfort!! I had a hard enough time getting used to swimming in lakes…growing up swimming in pools…at least the critters in the lake won’t eat me!

    1. You know, my parents too us to the beach after we saw a Jaws matinee years ago and I don’t think that fear ever completely left me! Lakes can be particularly creepy. I actually prefer the ocean because the stagnation of the bay or a lake makes for seaweed clumps–and coming upon those can scare me too! So silly, huh? 🙂

      1. The lake we trained in had a section of weeds…I kept saying to myself, “just like Jacques Cousteau” an adventure for sure!!

  4. LOL…Jaws…if something solid (that I KNOW isn’t another swimmer) touches me in the water, it will be the first recorded “run on water” leg of a triathlon. I HATE murky water…all that clumpy stuff lurks. Loved Kona cause you could still see bottom at the turnaround boat! Best triathlon swim ev-ar!

      1. Oh god, I’d put in my earplugs for that. I have no idea! But at least you can go into the pack—it’s the fringes they’ll get first!

  5. My fear of open water swimming is what has kept me doing to sprint and super sprint triathlons this year. My goal next year is to do 2 short course tris and get over this fear!

    1. I hope it makes you feel better than most people have fears of the open water in some way. You can do it! 🙂

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