Women of Ironman 1982 Back in Kona!

I think I’m pretty tough. If I’m redlining and suffering, I know my competitors are suffering too. So dig deep, then dig a little deeper and don’t give up. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s been proven so many times in Ironman.

 Kathleen McCartney – World Champion 1982


6 thoughts on “Women of Ironman 1982 Back in Kona!

    1. Yes—that’s the famous collapse. There’s a link there to a current interview of them–they’re friends now since they started training together for this anniversary and my guess is that they cross the line hand in hand. 🙂

      1. Now I remember, this was mentioned in the last post. I would love to see that finish. Gels and modern nutrition products has helped make finishing endurance events easier without bonking.

    1. I’m enjoying my journey to Ironman–how wonderful that you go to do Kona! I felt the same way originally–triathlon yes-ironman no. Now I just think ultra-marathoners are nuts–god help me if I decide to do that! 🙂

      1. I’m a sick dog…lol…I’ve decided another Ironman will never happen, but thinking “hmmmmm…ultra?”

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