Living the Dream: Ironmanlife

10 Reasons You’re A Triathlete

1. You wear compression socks (hot pink!) and you don’t care how ridiculous it looks with your outfit.  You kind of enjoy people scratching their heads at you at the airport.

2. You keep an extra set of running clothes, shoes, swim cap, goggles as well as a portable Sunshower, soap and a towel in the back of your car–just in case!

3. You know all the professionals and their statistics as someone might recount baseball or football facts. You’ve read just about every book on the subject and subscribe to magazines to stay informed.

4. You’re more comfortable in workout clothes, in fact, you probably walk around town in them.

5. People who are around you sometimes say, “Can you talk about anything else besides triathlon?” Ooops–sorry!

6. At this point, you know your heart rate at any given moment without wearing a heart rate monitor.

7. You might have an M-dot tatoo. (I love body art but I don’t want any. You can’t donate blood for a year and what the heck is that going to look like in 30 years!)

8. You have a road bike and a tri bike, along with a cut-out seat that looks funny. You’ve stopped mountain biking super hard because you don’t want to get injured for tri-season.

9. You’re tried just about every nutrition product on the market because you’ve puked from having the wrong nutrition. (And, yes, you talk about it!)

10. You have an easier time waking up at 4:45 to go to swim practice than you do when not waking up to workout.

I’m sure there are dozens more so how about adding to the list!


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