Are You Superstitious?

I have a really ugly green towel that I like to put under my bike in transition–I call it my lucky-towel.  Also, my accupuncturist told me to breathe 9 times in through the nose and out the mouth because 9 is an auspicious number and well, doing it 9 times seemed lucky enough for me. But probably the biggest thing is that makes me have a really good race is helping someone before or during the race–I’ve loaned goggles, gels, race belt and given friendly words to my competitors. It calms me down to help someone else calm down.  After all, aren’t we all in this together? Do you believe in karma?


10 thoughts on “Are You Superstitious?

  1. As an athlete my whole life, I have always had “routines” which I know can be superstitious as well. For triathlon, I eat two Reese’s Peanut Butter cups the night before a race 🙂 Guess I just released my secret weapon!

  2. I loaned my body glide to a fellow athlete in pre-race transition at my most recent race. It made me feel good, and I had a good race so maybe it gave me good karma!

  3. Julie Dibbens, a new pair of goggles every race. That’s quite a serious superstition! I like the idea of having someone’s initials written on my wrist though.

    1. And just think—what happens when they stop making her goggle? It seems every time I go get a new pair–they’ve discontinued my old old which is frustrating! Chrissie Wellington writes a poem on her water bottle–that’s a cool one too.

  4. I definitely believe in karma – it would totally jazz me to be able to help someone before a race. I am a little superstitious…first tri is in May, so we’ll see what ticks pop up!

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