Roasted Squash & Seeds

One of the best foods of the fall is squash—you can roast it, mash it, and make it into soup.  Acorn squash has a very high concentrate of Vitamin A, among other things. One thing not to forget is to make use of the seeds. We all think of roasting pumpkin seeds but seeds from just about every squash are not only good for you, but can make a lovely addition to the texture of your dish or just save them for munching.

This acorn squash at the farmer’s market looked so wonderful we roasted a bunch with salt, pepper, cinnamon, a squeeze of honey in each and a few pats of butter (you could also use olive oil).  Add water to the tray so they stay moist. For the seeds I used olive oil, salt and pepper.  The seeds will take less time–maybe 20 minutes so check on them so they don’t burn. I have a very fast oven that does it all half the time, so use this as a guideline and simply check the oven to make sure you’re browning not burning.

Put in the oven for about 45 minutes on 375.  Check on it midway, flip the seeds and add water to the tray if necessary.  Enjoy!


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