Queen of the Double: Leanda Cave


In spectacular fashion and just a few weeks after winning the 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas, Leanda Cave stayed strong all day to finish the Ironman World Championship in winning style even with serving a 4 minute penalty on the bike. (Both Caroline Steffen and Mary Beth Ellis also served 4 minute drafting penalties). After shaking Mary Beth Ellis loose on the run and passing Caroline Steffen toward the later stages, she held off hard charging Mirinda Carfrae and didn’t even feel like she could celebrate her finish until she crossed the line. It was a hot day in Kona with winds whipping across the Queen K and causing havoc to the athletes. Meredith Kessler got wiped out with a concussion when another pro male hit her on the way to Hawi which had to be disappointing after getting back into form and being at the sharp end of the race. The fastest bike split on this tough day belonged to the ever smiling 45-year-old 5x world champion Natasha Badmann, who seems to defy all odds and shows that older doesn’t mean slower.  But the day did belong to Cave who with her coach Siri Lindley, executed a spectacular performance.  Now she’s finally able to eat her words from 2007 when she said, “I’ll win her one day!”


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