Off Season Moutain Biking

Inspired by Abby and her blog Change of Pace and the cool autumn weather, Sunday was a perfect day for a mountain bike ride with friends. I hadn’t been out on my mountain bike in a long time and it felt weird. It’s so much heavier than my road bike and my sitting position and gear shifts are different. It’s actually a great lesson in bike control because you have to really watch where you’re going and you have to change gears while focusing on obstacles. Not to mention that it’s really fun and reminds me of the days not too long ago when I lived in New Mexico and learned how to really mountain bike in the canyons of Albuquerque.  These days I’m not willing to go hard enough to get tossed off my bike (and thus hurt my triathlon training!), although I did end up with one big bruise on my arse from falling off a mogul because I neglected to get up to speed prior to fully clipping in and basically tipped over!  Lesson learned once again!  I hope to be out there again before they close this trail for the winter.


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