New Kicks

I was hoping they had the blue K-ona’s but I couldn’t be picky when Fran was able to get me a new pair of sneakers for half price at the Timberman 70.3. I’m willing to pay some money to have the right shoes because nothing is worse than blisters during a long run or shin splints because you’re running long distances in old shoes. Yes, my shoes here still look pretty new, but after a summer of lots of running the tread was noticeable thinner and thus, I was probably overdue for some new kicks.

I started wearing K-Swiss a few years ago because of course they switched the design on the Asics I wore for years and I got blisters in a race. The K-Swiss triathlon shoes (there are a few versions) have great drainage and are very soft and comfortable. Unfortunately my running store recently stopped carrying them so I may have to consider switching unless Ironman once again sells them at the shop when I go to Eagleman 70.3 in June.  (Yup-I’m signed up and have a hotel rez with Fran!) If you’ve done this race, let me know your tips!

Some say you should change your shoes every 300 miles and some say every 6 months. I sort of do a mixture of the two. Of course I have quite a few so I give some away, keep one for kicking around and of course have my lawn mowing pair.   I try not to wear my current running pair for anything but running.  And now, I have to buy a new stash of yankz! What shoes do you love and how often do you change your shoes?



6 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. I started running in May, noticed last week my Asics that had gotten me to my first 5k of running were needing replacement as the soles had noticeable wear. The wife is not happy with the cost of a new pair of running shoes.

    1. Sometimes your local running store will give a 20-30% discount– you just have to ask for it or become a member of their ‘club’. And you have to think of it this way– new sneakers are cheaper than having an injury, right?

  2. I used to run in Brooks Adrenaline, went “minimal” two years ago. Run Saucony Kinvara 3 for shorter distances and Saucony Mirage for longer distances. The Mirage is more cushioned than the Kinvara, but still a 4mm drop. Love them both.

    1. Funny, my husband just switched from Brooks to Saucony and loves them too. He wore Brooks for years but when they changed the design he had to change too. I may have to try them too if I can’t get the K-Swiss easily.

  3. I have been running in mostly Brooks lately. I have liked the Brooks Pure Flows for short triathlons because they are lightweight and I haven’t had an issues running in them sans socks.

    1. Yes–that’s where the problem can lie–when you run without socks if the stiching is bad then it’s quite painful. I do wear sock for 70.3’s but not for shorter distances. And yes, I have bloodied my feet on occassion!

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