Acorn Squash and Quinoa

I’m still working with acorn squash and this coming weekend I have some beautiful butternut squash to work with which may involve making my coconut curry butternut squash soup  (if I do I’ll share!) which is so delicious.  We wanted a simple dinner that highlighted the squash so I decided to simply stuff it with some seasoned (salt, pepper, cayenne) quinoa. The salad is a simple chopped romaine with pepitas (for a little crunch and protein) and a balsamic drizzle. I used my one Japanese eggplant gleaned from my garden and simply sautéed it with olive oil, salt, pepper and sage and took it off the heat early to retain its crunch. Eggplant is something I usually abhor due to texture, which is usually either too mushy or spongy for me.

I usually make extra quinoa because it’s so easy and great the next day.  I usually have it on a salad or as a side, but this time I made a breakfast with rice milk, cinnamon, dried cherries, black sesame seeds, chia and a little agave. Sounds good right? I mean I enjoy the texture of quinoa for dinner and lunch but what surprised me is that I didn’t like it for breakfast. I started eating it cold, then gave it a little heat but that still didn’t work. Perhaps it was my mood, so I may try it again, or perhaps I’m just used to the creamy texture to oats or rice. I’m curious if anyone has any tips that could have made that breakfast sing!



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