Post-Storm – Hurricane Sandy

Lucy on neighborhood patrol pre-storm

Hurrican Sandy Damage 2012Aside from that inconvenience of no power and a tree down along with a dented gutter (now fixed), we are fortunately back to normal. So many others are not quite as lucky. A very good friend of mine lives in Long Beach, and the good news is that her house was not destroyed and toilet flushing got restored yesterday. The bad news is that she can’t go home and is under a FEMA curfew to take things from her house, not knowing when she’ll be allowed to return. And you may have seen on the news that Staten Island got devastated. My Uncle Michael’s old parish is in Staten Island and this very poor hispanic neighborhood that is likely facing devastating loss.

If you are so inclined to send a donation, may I suggest my Uncle Michael’s parish.   I know my uncle would have been working tirelessly to help the community and hope that you might be able to help in his absence.

Please send your donation in memory of my Uncle Michael (who died of brain cancer on July 27th) to:

St. Mary’s of the Assumption Parish

2230 Richmond Terrace

Staten Island, NY 10302

Or you if you want to help the City of Long Beach and my friend Claire Marie and her neighbors you can click on their donation page here.

The Red Cross has been doing a tremendous job helping people as well.  You can go online to donate or text them to donate $10.

This is how you do it: Text “Redcross” to 90999.

You’ll receive a reply, asking you to confirm by texting “yes.”

Thanks for all the love and concern by all–it’s amazing how a community can come together!

Monday – October 29th, 2012 pre-storm

10 thoughts on “Post-Storm – Hurricane Sandy

  1. Wow- it sounds like you were very fortunate. Natural disasters are so devastating to so many. I hope for the best for your friend, your uncle, his community, and everyone else.

  2. so glad to know you are okay; we were hit hard in jersey city/hoboken area as you know. i was very, very lucky in that my power was restored by early wed am (the first week), and i’m 9 floors up so my unit is fine. our lobby was damaged and we have no elevators after the hudson came flowing down our street, crested at 6 feet, and brought water to 1.5 feet into the main floor of the building. unreal.
    i’m always saddened to see the photos from staten island…truly is overwhelming. while at this time i can’t donate to every cause, i will keep your uncle’s parish in my prayers. i was sorry to read that you recently lost him to brain cancer; please accept my deepest sympathies.
    today, i will seek to help someone in need here in my community in some small way, and hope that is part of building a tribute to your uncle mike’s work here on the planet.

    1. Hi Laura–So glad to hear that you are okay too and that you sustained little damage to your personal effects. I really had to wipe away my tears before I headed into work after reading this, I am just so touched by your kindness and tribute to Uncle Mike–it means so very much to me. If you happended to click and read my butterfly post—I can tell you that the day before yesterday in the freezing cold, a butterfly flew over my head which just tells me he’s still around in spirit watching out for us. I hope your kindness brings happiness today to you and to those you touched! Many many thanks! Love- elizabeth.

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