Ignore Negative Thoughts

In the last miles of the race, when the voice is at the door knocking in my head, you tell yourself, ‘Don’t go there.’ The truth is, we all go there – but the best in the sport find some way to ignore those negative thoughts and to not put them into play. You can’t help it, they will inevitably visit you because your brain is designed to keep you alive – the fight or flight response is built into all of us. But how well you go depends on how you respond. When you are dialed in you can say to the voice that tempts you to quit to just stop it.

Leanda Cave in 2012 Kona pre-race interview.


6 thoughts on “Ignore Negative Thoughts

  1. So much easier said than done. I seem to constantly have this battle with myself. Even in training. Far too often, I let negativeness win, and slack off or quit.

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