Yoga and the Off-Season


During the off-season I really try to get back to my yoga roots. It doesn’t always work out to take a class, but if I can get a few sun salutations and some other poses in, I feel better. The teacher the other day said something I try to remember about yoga. He said asana is the physical practice of yoga, merely one part, but the full practice of yoga includes more than the movements. You don’t have to be spiritual to practice asana, but maybe it inspires you to get a little closer to the practice of yoga.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t feel flexible when starting to try a few sun salutations. In fact, if you’re not flexible, you’ll find that each time you try it you get a little bit better. And you might even have a little fun and be able to laugh at yourself for not being so flexible, then work harder to get there. It’s a great off-season practice for triathlon to create flexibility and balance. I even have a little pre-race yoga ritual that helps me warm up and stay calm and mentally focused for the start. Try it!



21 thoughts on “Yoga and the Off-Season

    1. Although I don’t use DVDs to practice, I think I’d try a Rodney Yee video. I’ve taken a class with him (he’s local here) and think they’re probably very good. If you can, go to one local class first just to make sure you get the poses right before you start. My personal preference is Astanga but any class would be great.

    2. Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week is an excellent DVD for beginners. It has five different session, each one targeting a specific set of poses (standing poses, back bends, twists, forward bends, and hip openers). I’m a runner and try to do at least one segment a day. It’s made a huge difference in my running.

  1. Just got back from a morning swim and told Melanie – we should do you tonight. Sun salutations sound like a wonderful evening activity. Thank you for posting! We’re just going to look for something on YouTube and do something at home. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Just started doing yoga twice a week (during my “off” days, when I’m not running and training for my half-marathon). It hasn’t grown on me just yet. I think I’m so used to running and “feeling” the results instantly… yoga seems to take a little longer. I’m still going with it- I really wanna be one of those yogi lovers!! I guess all in due time…

    1. Hey Julie! I totally agree that running provides the most instantaneous satisfaction and results. This is why I prefer Jivamukti or Astanga style of yoga because it’s quite vigorous. I’m not a huge fan of hot yoga since I’m more of a believer of naturally building heat. But perhaps different styles of yoga might engage you more. I know, sometimes you’re sort of stuck with what’s offered but investigate and switch up your teachers and perhaps you’ll find one you love. I think you’re on your way to being a yogi lover! 🙂 Elizabeth

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! Got this close to my first yoga class last night, but the kids had too much homework for me to get away in time. … (And now of course I’m going to have to finally check out a Rodney Yee video, especially since his wife, the notorious Colleen Saidman, is a local legend here in my hometown and the sister of one of Bob’s high school buddies.)

    1. You’re welcome! It’s a small world Tanya, because Colleen lives out here and then of course Rodney moved here from California. Colleen is an incredible teacher too and I think there’s a Colleen-Rodney video as well. You probably practiced yoga helping the kids with homework! 🙂 Patience!

  4. I am incredibly new to yoga but it seems to really help me and my flexibility. This is a great reminder that you don’t necessarily have to do a long class, but even doing some poses helps.

  5. Yoga is always something I try to put into my program, Im not flexible at all so it really is a struggle. I did hot yoga one time. Not really a fan of that concept. But all in all it really is a great way to start your day.

    1. I really like doing a little yoga before the start–warms up the shoulders and gets me centered. It’s really great for guys especially because you don’t feel flexible–you’ll get there. I’m with you on the hot yoga–I really get naturally hot and I’d rather warm up organically.

  6. I miss doing yoga so much and today when I accidentally reached your blog and saw the pictures of the sun salutation, I could remember the old days coming back…days when I used to practice yoga regularly and it has had the most wonderful impact on me. It makes your body come in the perfect shape and it gives you mental peace and the cherry on the cake is the charm and beauty it adds to your face…it really does 😉 Thanks for sharing this!

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